Common Questions

Our electricians are happy to answer specific questions about a repair or installation during a visit or over the phone, but there are lots of general questions that we get asked all the time – from how much we charge, to how we like our tea, you’ll find the answers to the most frequently asked questions right here!

1 How much is a call out charge?

£40 +VAT for the first half hour, then £40 +VAT thereafter.

2 That seems expensive!  Can you do it any cheaper?

It is about half what the big companies charge, so it is actually a very good price for a service that is just as good. However, if the job is prearranged we are able to give a discount.

3 What areas do you cover?

Colchester and the surrounding areas, including Ipswich.

4 Can you do a job for me in London?

No, sorry but try www.trustatrader.com, you can find a trusted electrician in the London area there.

5 How long does it usually take to find a fault?

Over 80% of faults can be found and repaired within half an hour, which means it is all covered in our callout charge – bargain!

6 What’s your lead time for a kitchen rewire? 

We are very flexible, so normally just a few days. We are used to being at the mercy of other tradesmen, so there is no need to worry if the plumber is late finishing because the plasterer had to do an extra wall… we will fit in when needed.

7 Do you do evenings and weekends?

Yes, it is ideal for us as it saves you taking a day off.

8 Are you PART P registered?

Yes, with ELECSA: EPP22255. Feel free to look us up.

9 I’m having a boiler fitted. Do you do heating controls or is it a plumber’s Job?

Yes, we do the heating controls, in fact we love them! We work with all makes of boiler, but we would always recommend Honeywell parts.

10. Do you drink tea or coffee?

Tea, no sugar, and a couple of plain chocolate digestives work a treat if you really want to keep us sweet! (Yes it really works).

11 How do you prefer payment? 

Cash, cheque, euros (yes euros), or bank transfer.

12 I’ve got a mate who rewired my house for me and I need a certificate. Can you let me have one? 

No, sorry.

13 What guarantee do you give? 

Twelve months on everything but if you have a problem after that time we will do our best to help you (mostly free of charge).

14 How long have you been in business, and how do I know you’re not going to rip me off?

I’ve been in business 15 years continuously as a sole trader. Check out the reviews on www.trustatrader.com, or just ask around. You can’t keep a good reputation for that long if you’ve been doing a bad job!

15 I want to buy a house and the surveyor says I need an electrical survey. Are they expensive?

I would recommend you go for a mini inspection which will tell you everything you need to know, and how much any work required will cost. A full inspection may cost around £200.

16 I’ve got 3 really small jobs need doing. Probably not worth you coming out for.

Small jobs are not a problem at all. We love the small jobs! For the most cost-effective solution, we try and get all the jobs out the way at the same time rather than doing separate trips.

17 What’s an RCD? 

It’s the big switch on your fuse board, with a flicky up and down thingy and a small test button. This may be tripped while the breakers are still on and you may think there is a power cut. Call us if in you are in any doubt.